your ultimate Executive Support wing woman


Coaches & Consultants deserve top-level executive support

Every successful coach or consultant eventually reaches a point where they decide they need help running their business. Have you?

And whether you’re working in a corporate or home office, you deserve to find top-level executive support; someone who’ll look after your clients and represent your business like it’s their own.

That’s where VPA Support can help.

Hi, I’m Kym, a virtual executive assistant who’s been adding value and organisation to coaching businesses since 2015. As your virtual executive assistant, I help with:

  • Diary management
  • Email management and action extraction
  • Daily business tasks
  • Attention to detail Proofing and Quality Control/Assurance
  • Process Control Creation and Management
  • Administration of coaching tools/assessments for your clients
  • Project research
  • Staying accountable to your goals
  • Whatever you need (I have a network of service providers)

You generate income; I’ll be your wing-woman.


Having Kym support me and my business is like having a wise business partner who reminds me to slow down when needed, get a move on when needed and who has the incredible ability to spot a typo from approximately 864km away.
Kym has set up my processes, tasks and reminders plus communicates with my clients in a professional and efficient manner. She learnt how to adapt her language to align with my brand and ensures that no-one slips through the cracks.
I always feel like I have such an amazing cheerleader in Kym – she doesn’t just help me with business management, she helps me with my mindset and my mental health too.

Rosie Shilo

The VA Advocate, Trainer, Author, Speaker, Virtually Yours

Kym is exceptionally skillful at her craft. Since engaging Kym as my EA, I have created up to 20 hours in my calendar per week and have experienced an increase in productivity and outcomes for clients, resulting in a 390% increase in revenue for my company. I cannot recommend engaging Kym enough.

Dixie Crawford

RAP Consultant, Nganya

Kym is everything you could want in an EA: uber-organised, smart, responsive, takes the initiative (but also knows when to check in on decisions), thinks three steps ahead and above all, is a delight to deal with. She allows me to focus my time and energy on delivering services and growing the business, while she takes care of everything else. Kym is superb.

Revel Gordon

Executive Coach, Revel Gordon Pty Ltd

Without a doubt! Kym’s communication is exemplary.  I often get compliments from clients on how wonderful Kym is – and in some cases, they have only had a few short dealings with her.  She is extremely articulate, respectful and warm – and she even deals with the really tough clients with a smile. Kym does what she says she will do when she says she will do it. Sometimes she does things before I even have to ask her! I say that she has the extra skill of mind reading. Finding Kym has transformed my business and life! She does an incredible job, I know that I can count on her, and even when I’m not in the business, I can trust 100% that Kym is presenting NGM Coaching and Consulting with professionalism.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Nicole Grainger-Marsh

Career Coach, NGM Coaching & Consulting Pty Ltd

I didn’t give Kym the nickname ‘Super Kym’ for no reason. Kym from VPA Support was (and still is) my go-to for extra hands and my second set of eyes for my business. When I had too much going on my plate, Kym seamlessly picked up some of the tasks that were taking up mental space and executed them with care and precision, and that gave me the breathing room I needed. I highly recommend Kym for her skills and knowledge and her support for small business owners.

Korryn Haines

Administration Consultant, Korryn Haines

Kym is a superstar! She has gone above and beyond to deliver results every single time. Kym is efficient, trustworthy and very good at what she does. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and the quality of her work is exceptional. Kym understands what running a business is all about so can help me when I need it. She is honest, reliable, professional and delivers 100% of the time. Her attention to detail is outstanding, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services to anyone!

Nicole Brady

VA Australia

Kym came on board as my Executive Assistant and customer support person when I was in the middle of running a National Tour. I needed someone who can eliminate my massive problem of walking off stage to be greeted by hundreds of messages in ALL THE PLACES! I was drowning and remember the glee I felt when Kym got me down to inbox zero… IN ALL THE PLACES! Kym has been managing my inboxes, calendar and customer service professionally and with great care. I know our clients love her and so does our whole team. Thanks Kym. YOU ROCK!”

Renée Hasseldine

Signature Systems Super Star, Think Rapt

Kym is the most AMAZING VPA. She literally knows what I need before I even know. She has always kept my life super organised so I can focus on the things that I am good at which is the psychology part. She makes me and my business run smoothly. I could not do the job I do without the support of Kym. Kym’s attention to detail is amazing as well as her timeliness. She is always adding extra things which I have not thought about. She has such skills in being able to value add to your business. Her unique perspective has really uplifted my business. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is thinking of taking their administration online. It was such a seamless transition, and it made me be able to really focus on what I thought was important.

Emily Mills

Clinical Psychologist, EMpowerment Psychology

As a business owner, I get it. You’re trying to get it all done, but your brain is cluttered. Your schedule is out of sync, you’re spending way too much time working, and you’re missing the finer details that make your business tick.

Over my career as an EA, I’ve become the go-to person, the gatekeeper, the organiser (both work and personal), the present buyer and the event planner.

Think of me as an extension of you, working behind the scenes like the hamster on the wheel while you’re raising revenue and working with clients you love.

And if you need something that’s out of my zone of genius, I have a network of experts I can call on. From marketing, technical things, copywriting, social media, and much more, you’ll be covered.

Offering you a bespoke executive support service (from my own office to reduce costs for you), it’s top-level admin assistance done your way.

It’s the little things that make a difference