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Clients affectionately refer to me as their wing woman – their right hand that knows their business better than they do! That’s my passion. To get your business running smoothly and treating it (and your clients) like I would my own.

Spending my days answering emails, managing calendars and helping with all those things that keep your business running is what I do. Seeing clients and making money is what you do. Together, we kick your business goals.

And what you decide to outsource is up to you. All my services are bespoke and tailored to you.


I offer different levels of business support packages ranging from projects to wing-woman, side-kick extraordinaire. Please contact me to discuss your needs and whether we may work together. 





All your business admin taken care of while you work with your clients





Keeping you on track to get it all done
– no excuses





Support for your project or event when and where you need it

Most common EA work Clients Outsource

To give you an idea of what my clients outsource to me, here’s a sample:

  • Answering emails, fielding queries and being the gatekeeper; only sending through emails, you really need to see
  • Getting to know how you like your day to run (including in your personal life) to help you manage your calendar and schedule appointments to suit you:
    • How many clients/sessions do you want per day?
    • When are you ‘off-duty’?
    • Do you need block out times? (writing, admin, marketing, exercise, board meetings etc.)
  • I make sure your clients are happy, always treating them with respect
  • Helping you use your CRM to its fullest – following up on clients and making sure you’re keeping in touch at the right times
  • Checking/tracking your processes to make sure they run smoothly; from client bookings, reminders, session, invoices and follow-ups
  • Typing of emails you need to send or client notes; transcribing your notes; dictated or recorded audio
  • Helping you with your research projects – from looking up resources, finding similar studies, requesting permission to use data etc.



Frequently asked questions

I’m not sure how to start – it’s a bit overwhelming

That first step is always the hardest. As a business owner, I outsource so I know what it’s like to let go of some control. It’s scary! But I’m here to help you through, and before long, you’ll be loving the fact you can hand over tasks.

I have no idea what I should outsource

Not many people do! Start by making a list of everything you do during the day that you’re finding you hate, or that takes you away from doing things you’d prefer to be doing. Most clients start by outsourcing the easy things and build up.

How do I trust you?

That’s the hardest part about a virtual relationship. When we start, we’ll spend a bit of time on the phone or via Skype (if you want to see me) and I’ll take you through my process. You can read testimonials from my clients. But, give it time – once you see how I treat your business like my own, the trust will build.

What if I only want occasional help?

Although most clients will book in regular work (once you see what I do), I can help with ad-hoc work when it’s needed. This usually falls under the projects category where you need help for a certain project or event only.

Why should I choose virtual over in-house?

As your virtual EA, I’m a business owner. You only pay for the agreed hours I work, no leave, no tax, no superannuation and no equipment. You can set your budget, and we’ll work out what can be done. For all the benefits/differences, chat to your accountant.

You obviously can’t do everything – what if I need something else?

You wouldn’t want an EA who claimed to do everything as they’d have no specialities to offer you! I belong to a network of amazing business owners who offer a range of services from social media, copywriting, through to website maintenance. If I don’t offer a service you need, I’ll help you find someone who does.